Micro-Grant Information & Process

The Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. is prepared to offer economic support to churches and pastors that are members of the PAW.

  • The Pandemic Assistance Worldwide Campaign (PAWC) is the PAW’s response to the economic needs resulting from the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).
  • Micro-grants are a component of the PAWC.
  • Micro-grants are available to licensed ministers in good standing with PAW Inc. (license must be current) and within their Diocese.
  • Micro-grants are available for either church or pastor support.
  • Micro-grant applications must be submitted on-line for eligibility.
  • Micro-grant applications will be processed in order of receipt.
  • Micro-grant awards will be based on demonstrated need and fulfillment of eligibility assessment.
  • Micro-grant awards will be limited to up to $1,000.00 USD per church and up to $750.00 USD per Senior Pastor.
  • Micro-grant awards will be limited to one (1) church or pastor (a pastor cannot apply for pastoral support and church support).
  • Micro-grant awards will be limited to two (2) churches and two (2) pastors within each Diocese.
  • Micro-grant awards will cease upon the expenditure of all funds received and allocated for this aid.

 Grant application process:

  1. Submit completed applications to the General Secretary by way of the form below.
  2. The General Secretary will review all applications and forward eligible applications to the PAWC Application Team.
  3. The PAWC Application Team will review all applications and forward eligible applicants to the Presiding Bishop.
  4. The Presiding Bishop will approve the applicants to receive a grant and forward approved applicants to the General Treasurer for grant disbursement.

Grant recipients are welcome to submit a 1-minute video testifying about how they utilized campaign funds to bless others during this pandemic season. Videos should be sent to web@pawinc.org for a chance to be spotlighted. Videos must be widescreen, well lit, and with clean sound.

Micro-Grant Application

Note: Must be a PAW licensed minister/member in good standing for this application to be processed.
Note: Amount should not exceed $1,000.00 USD per church or $750.00 USD per Senior Pastor.
Note: If other, please specify below for appropriate consideration.