Marred But In His Hands / Get On The Wheel

If we measured today's climate, we would conclude that we live in a society common to excuses. An excuse is just a way of deflecting blame away from oneself, but the long-term affect is denying oneself the opportunity to learn and grow from mistakes. And though many find comfort in excuses, God is calling His people to elevate above excuses to a posture of fervent pursuit of what we are predestined to accomplish.


Meet District Elder Anthony Walton

District Elder Anthony Walton aspired to be a devoted husband, proud father, and dependable servant in the community, but would have never imagined becoming a Pastor. And though his journey to destiny would encounter many twists and turns, he was determined to succeed.


Now It Shall Spring Forth (Part 2)

“Now It Shall Spring Forth” is all about us growing… stepping out… and springing into the abundance of Christ. Jesus said in the second clause of John 10:10, "I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." With Christ we are made perfect with the Holy Spirit. With Christ we are given victory over sin because of the power of God. And with Christ we are given access to the Father and can spring forth into eternal victory.

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