Virtual Convention: God's Promise To Perform

In leu of the ongoing COVID-19 viral outbreak and its affects -- job loss, travel concerns, etc. -- the Executive Bishops' Council and Convention Planning Committee have been working tirelessly to deliver a relevant and valuable alternative to the Baltimore Convention cancellation. After much consideration, we are proud to announce and present the first ever 2020 Virtual Convention "God's Promise To Perform". This virtual convention experience will allow the PAW to deliver hope, joy, motivation, inspiration, and entertainment to licensed members, supporters, and strangers worldwide. Stay tuned for more details.

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Virtual Convention Schedule

All sessions will be aired live here at PAWINC.ORG.

WEDNESDAY - July 29th

  • 12:00PM EST - "Making Global Impact...The Church Responds To The Need" w/Bishop Charles H. Ellis, III (Host)
  • 8:00PM EST - Evening Worship Service w/Bishop Noel Jones

THURSDAY - July 30th

  • 12:00AM EST - Midnight IMSA Throwback
  • 9:00AM EST - #1000PeoplePraying: Healing the Land
  • 12:00PM EST - "We Are The Body: Innovative Models of Ministry & Developing Digital Disciples" w/Elder Kameron Adams (Host)
  • 8:00PM EST - Evening Worship Service w/Bishop Lambert Gates

FRIDAY - July 31st

  • 12:00AM EST - Midnight IMSA Throwback
  • 9:00AM EST - #1000PeoplePraying: Uniting the Nations w/Pastor John Hannah
  • 12:00PM EST - "After This: Discussion On Financial, Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health" w/Dr. Rayvann Kee (Host)
  • 8:00PM EST - Evening Worship Service w/Bishop Theodore L. Brooks

SATURDAY - August 1st

  • 12:00AM EST - Midnight IMSA Throwback
  • 9:00AM EST - Saturday Morning Finale w/Elder Mark Moore

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