Disaster Relief

The catastrophic devastation in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico among others is most shocking to all of us around the world. The Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. has many friends, family, and supporters in the affected areas. Our hearts go out to them as well as our thoughts and prayers are with them.

See the video slideshow of efforts from Detroit to Houston below:

We are encouraging you to join us in prayer for their safety and the monumental need for compassionate aid. We are passionately requesting that you assist in a financial way in one of the 3 options we are making available to you.

Thank you for your kindness to our brothers and sisters in need.

Givelify app:
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Otherwise, tap / click icon below:


Text (SMS) to 28950:
Text keyword (PAWDRELIEF) donation amount to 28950
Example: PAWDRELIEF 25

For detailed instructions, click / tap HERE.

Checks / Money Orders via Postal Mail:
Payable to: P.A.W. Inc.
3939 N Meadows Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46205

Scam Alert

Please do NOT comply with any phone or email request for wire transfers, personal or banking information from anyone stating an emergency for themselves (or in proxy for someone else) or claiming to be a P.A.W. Bishop or Pastor.

Verify the identity of the caller by obtaining their number for a callback; or better yet, call P.A.W. Headquarters immediately. Our staff can help coordinate efforts toward making wise choices if you encounter these types of requests that require an immediate response.

Sometimes, taking just a few minutes can squash a potential scam. The word of God declares in 1 Peter 5: 8 “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour…”.

TIP: Remember, you always have the choice to ignore the request or simply hang up. It’s better to have paused for verification; rather than kindness being abused.

Christian Outlook

The Christian Outlook Magazine is the official publication of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Inc. that brings news and views from a biblical perspective.

This edition features includes the following…

Christmas Greetings from our Presiding Bishop, Assistant Presiding Bishops, Bishops and their Wives, Executive Officers and their Wives, Bishops’ Beloveds, and the PAW International Headquarters and Aenon College Staffs, as well as The Christmas Day Feast, Frenemies, Accepting Your Call, Life According To God’s Will, Bishop Albert F. Varnell (Throwback Thursday, A Gentle Giant-Dr. Aletha Cushinberry and so much more.

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Summer Convention Media

Services from the 102nd Summer Convention in Nashville are available NOW:

Full Set of 10 DVDs are $135
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Full Convention Set CDs & DVDs are $240
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Call the P.A.W. Media Department today at (317) 547-9541 and ask for Lisa Cantrell.

Apostolic Way Commentary Feature

You don’t want to miss reading this well-documented historic article by Minister Timothy Moore.

P.A.W. in the Modern Pentecostal Movement

By Minister Timothy Moore

According to numerous reliable historical sources, the origins of the P.A.W. are in Los Angeles in late 1906, with participants in the famed Azusa Street Revival. Records document a meeting there in 1907 that selected Rev. William Pendleton as its first Chairman.

In 1912, the P.A.W. moved its headquarters from L.A. to 773 Third Street in Portland (OR), a fact referenced in statements made in 1913 by organizers of the Assemblies of God. P.A.W. headquarters remained in Portland until 1919, when it was moved to Indianapolis. E.W. Doak, G.T. Haywood, and D.C.O. Opperman signed the incorporation papers in Indiana and established headquarters there at 1765 Boulevard Avenue.

Early Leadership

The P.A.W. had five (5) chief officers prior to the election of its first Presiding Bishop in 1925. These early chief officers had the titles Chairman or General Superintendent.

In 1925, the structure was changed to an episcopal-styled leadership that featured Bishops. The change was in response to a major split in 1924.

Initial P.A.W. chief executives were:

  • William Pendleton ​- ​​1907
  • Sister Hopkins – ​​1908-1912​
  • Stephen Jacob Jackson Frazee – 1912-1918​
  • Edward Wesley Doak ​​-1918-1924​
  • William Mulford ​​-1924​
  • Garfield T. Haywood -1925-1931 ​(start of the era of Bishops)

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