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Thoughts from the executive leaders that offer others the medicine of salvation and the remedy of success. Through bible exploration, discussing leadership, sharing personal experience, and providing coaching, all can unlock their leadership potential by first leading from within.

PAW Sponsorship Opportunities Now Available!

Since 1907 the PAW has been a thriving force in the community. Our efforts to train, develop and empower communities have worked for over 110 years. With Headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana and branch conferences in all 50 states, our community efforts resound throughout the US, Africa, Europe and the UK. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to expose your company and its products to our emerging markets.

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Bahamas Support Funds

Just this week, the world witnessed the devastation that Hurricane Dorian has wrought through the Abaco and Great Bahamas Islands. The damage is unimaginable, and we have earnestly been praying for those who must now cope and rebuild in the wake of the storm. It is imperative that as the Body of Christ we do what is possible to uplift and support our brothers and sisters in times of need. I am asking that all of our leadership and members play an active role in continuing to pray and to raise funds that can go to support those in need in the Bahamas.

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