Bahamas Support Funds

Greetings in the Precious Name of Jesus Christ.

Just this week, the world witnessed the devastation that Hurricane Dorian has wrought through the Abaco and Great Bahamas Islands. The damage is unimaginable, and we have earnestly been praying for those who must now cope and rebuild in the wake of the storm. While we have heard preliminary reports from Bishop Farrington, who is based in Nassau, of the extent of the damage, the numbers of deaths are yet unconfirmed and the full impact of the damage is still unknown.

Within our P.A.W. communities in the Bahamas, there has been no reported loss of life. However, many have been displaced by the storm from their homes and workplaces. Many are residing in shelters and are in immediate and urgent need for resources such as food, clean water, medicine and clothing. Further, our P.A.W. church in Great Bahama, First Apostolic Church pastored by Suffragan Bishop Paul Rolle, has experienced extensive damage.

It is imperative that as the Body of Christ we do what is possible to uplift and support our brothers and sisters in times of need. I am asking that all of our leadership and members play an active role in continuing to pray and to raise funds that can go to support those in need in the Bahamas. All funds raised by the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. in this effort will be dispersed to Bishop Farrington and the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos Council through our benevolence arm, P.A.W. Charities, for relief efforts.

You can help by giving a donation of any amount. All checks can be made payable to: P.A.W. Charities, 3939 Meadows Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46205, with a memo for “Bahamas Relief Fund”. Let us work together to provide aid and relief to our brothers and sisters in the Abaco and Great Bahamas Islands. When devastation on this level hits, any effort toward restoring a sense of normalcy helps and uplifts.

Lady Brooks and I love you all to life, and encourage you to assist our Bahamian family through prayer and financial support.