COVID-19 Update

Greetings in the Precious and Matchless Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It is a fact that the world is facing a health crisis that is unprecedented in this generation. In order to stem the tide of the COVID-19 pandemic, governments throughout the world have issued mandates for their citizens and in many cases closed their borders. I believe that there is great wisdom in taking this virus and its effects seriously. While we do not fear, for we know that we are in God’s hands, it is necessary for each of us to take the necessary precautions to keep ourselves safe and healthy.

I have met with the Executive Bishops’ Council concerning the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World’s response to the pandemic and how we will conduct ourselves moving forward. With the unanimous support of the Executive Bishop’s Council, I am canceling the 2020 Summer Convention set to take place in Baltimore, MD. I am also directing all Episcopal Dioceses (councils), auxiliaries and in-kind service groups of the PAW to immediately suspend in person meetings and gatherings until further notice. Additionally, I strongly encourage and recommend that all churches of the PAW follow suit. We are living in a very serious moment in time and we must conduct ourselves responsibly.

I love you all and I am praying for each of you!

May the Lord bless us all as we continue to serve Him.