Now It Shall Spring Forth

Firstly, I am so honored to serve this great body of believers within the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. as its newly elected Presiding Prelate Bishop. I am also excited for the opportunity to serve in this capacity and look forward to the many things that we will accomplish together over the next four years.

As we move forward in this endeavor, I encourage you to consider the same question that I am… What are you expecting in 2019?

As the Spirit of God ministered to me regarding this recent shift in leadership, I was reminded on Isaiah 43:19 and the highly anticipated release of the Jews from Babylonian captivity. Israel had seen the power of God’s deliverance before and longed to see it again. Likewise, we too have seen the power of God through the works and efforts of this organization across the globe and long to see it again. And I believe God is saying that our time has come… our season is here… and expect to see God’s hand regarding the future and legacy of the PAW, Inc.

I believe that God has released us into a season of blessing and prosperity. He will bless our leaders to better teach God’s word and stand as examples of holiness and faith. He will bless our churches to be fruitful and bask in His grace. He will bless our ministries to stay true to the Lord and proclaim the power of God to save sinners. And He will bless our members to be sincere and spontaneous in their giving, praise and worship.

I believe that God will safely and comfortably take us into new places where we will see greater levers of miracles, signs and wonders. As the PAW has established more than 70 worldwide territories since its inception in 1906, He will continue to increase us as more disciples unit and as more missionaries are empowered to explore new regions of the world with us.

I believe that God will make ways over the seas and through the deserts. He will make our way straight. He will provide all of our needs. He will increase our numbers. He will secure our resources. He will refresh our minds and ignite our passion. And we will cross this Jordan and enter our promise land.

And though I believe and trust what God is saying in my spirit, I don’t want to see us grow and evolve without you. Let 2019 be the year that you get involved in the change with your time, talent, and treasure. There are numerous committee opportunities that will fit your individual skill set and expertise. If you are interested in joining one of the many teams that help make the PAW Inc. the greatest religious organization in the world, please complete this survey and connect with us. And if you prefer to serve and support in a non-physical capacity, we welcome your financial contribution to one of many initiatives; i.e. missions, outreach, youth, etc. Make your one-time or reoccurring donation in our new giving portal.

However you choose to get involved, know that my desire is to engage every member of the PAW Inc. and bridge the gaps between leaders, workers, supporters and volunteers. My aim is to cultivate a platform that births and develops vision, direction, strategy, and collaboration. We don’t just need you; WE WANT YOU! Join me as we pursue this 2019 endeavor together. Love you all!