PAW Sponsorship Opportunities Now Available!

Since 1907 the PAW has been a thriving force in the community.  Our efforts to train, develop and empower communities have worked for over 110 years. With Headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana and branch conferences in all 50 states, our community efforts resound throughout the US, Africa, Europe and the UK.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to expose your company and its products to our emerging markets.  The PAW has over one million members state side and over 2 million members worldwide.  We are unique in our structure with entities that span the age spectrum.  We will give a demographic breakdown further in the presentation.  Our goal is to expand our member’s ability to utilize the most progressive technologies and products; to do that we must partner and parley with entities that are on the cutting edge.  As you peruse our proposal we hope you will see the advantage in collaboration with the PAW.

Our goal is to allow your company access to our constituents and allow our constituents access to cutting edge products and technologies.  We believe that these opportunities will stimulate positive results for all involved.   As a corporate partner you will have the opportunity to elevate your brand and customer base through exposure to over 10,000 attendees at our week-long conference and hundreds of thousands who visit our website.  Your opportunity to sample, play commercials or even have a workshop will be based upon your commitment. We understand the importance of our partners need to procure a return on your marketing investment and we will work with you to custom design a program that will excel your company to it maximum potential during our conference.

Again thank you for taking a look at the PAW sponsorship proposal and we look forward to dialogue with you to embark on the journey to customize your sponsorship package.

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