DOP New Online System

Dear Customer, We are happy to inform you that starting with the September Christian Outlook and the 2021-2022 Sunday School Winter Quarter, all orders will be transferred to our online system. This change will eliminate our present standing order system. All of our customers may now place their order online, and make any changes necessary by the given deadline dates. Please note that the most crucial part of ensuring you receive your PAW materials is to have your order in the system by the requested deadline. REASON FOR CHANGE This new process helps us eliminate overstocked materials and needless cost to our great organization. We pray that this transition showcases our efforts to stay current in the manner in which we serve YOU, our amazing supporters. ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS To order directly through the PAW website, step-by-step instructions are provided below.
  1. Visit
  2. Click “Sunday School”
  3. Click “Quarterly”
  4. Make selection, add to cart
  5. Complete all Information as follows:
    • Contact Information
    • Delivery Information
    • Shipping Address
    • Save information for next time
  6. Click Continue to Shipping
  7. Click Shipping Method
  8. Continue to Payment
  9. Complete Payment Process
  10. Select appropriate Billing Address information
  11. Click Pay Now
Should you encounter any problems with this process, please call 317.547.9541, and ask for the e-store manager, Mary Sanford and she will be glad to walk you through the process. Thank you for your continued support of the PAW Bookstore! As technology changes and knowledge increases, we are excited about the changes that will allow us to efficiently serve you better. The Department of Publications