The Youngest Evangelist In Theaters Nov. 19th

In a day and age where we are inundated with all manner of music, movies, television shows and social media content that pulls us from the presence and influence of God, the Youngest Evangelist stands out as a powerful movie lifting up the joy of Salvation, the truth of the Gospel and the power of God to transform lives. I am highly anticipating the release of this film and I believe it is a great opportunity to share with the world the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while also encouraging the youngest and the oldest to stand firm in their faith. Bring your children, families, youth groups, and friends to see The Youngest Evangelist, so that they may be challenged, encouraged and inspired in the Lord. I believe The Youngest Evangelist will be a blessing to all who see it. The Master's Servant, Presiding Bishop Theodore L. Brooks, Sr.